About Team

Computer Emergency Response Team (KZ-CERT) is the single centre for national information systems users and Internet segment providing collection and analysis of security incidents reports as well as consultative and technical assistance to users in prevention of cyberthreats.

KZ-CERT’s primary goal is the counteracting of cyberthreats to Kazakhstan’s Internet users. In that regard, KZ-CERT assists national and foreign organizations and persons in tracking, preventing and prohibiting illegal activities concerning network resources of Kazakhstan segment of the Internet.

KZ-CERT collection, analysis and storing statistical information concerning malware, hacker attacks or other existing threats to cybersecurity of RK. KZ-CERT processes computer security incindents listed below to prevent and neutralize them in the future:

  • attacks on network infrastructure in order to render them unavailable to legitimate users (DoS (Denial of Service) и DDoS) and to endanger the confidentiality of information;
  • unauthorized access to information resources;
  • spreading the malware and unsolicited mail (spam);
  • hostile scanning of national information networks and hosts;
  • bruteforcing of passwords or other authentication data;
  • hacking security systems, including planting of malicious software (sniffers, rootkits, keyloggers etc).

KZ-CERT is not responsible for possible errors, damage or other direct nor indirect losses caused by users due to their incorrect actions or misinterpretations of KZ-CERT’s information.

Relying on current legal basis, KZ-CERT is not liable for issues which are the subject for law enforcement authorities’ responsibility. In order to solve such issues please address respective units of National Security Committee or Ministry of Internal Affairs.