Recommendations of KZ-CERT for the removal and prevention of information security incidents


Kazakhstan Computer Emergency Response Team (KZ-CERT) conducts the work on requests submission, triggering the alerts and prevention and advising related to following types of incidents:- Denial of Service (DoS, DDoS);- Breaching/attack of Internet-resources;- Malware implementation and distribution;- Phishing within the Internet;- Viruses;- Botnets and etc;In order to acknowledge people about computer incidents below we are performing measures of their prevention and elimination More..

Recommendations to prevent infection by malicious encryption ransomware such as Vault and others


Computer Emergency Response Team KZ-CERT alarms the users about recent massive distribution of letters with malicious attachments able to encrypt data of popular formats: office documents (Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, 1C databases, images, archive files and others) As a rule, the letter contains file in attachment or reference to it (the format might be different, we met exe, scr files (programs) and js scripts) More..

Attention! Intruders distribute Trojan via e-mail


Computer Emergency Response Team - KZ-CERT warns of intruders sending emails containing links to malicious softwareSince September 2015, Internet users began to receive e-mail messages allegedly sent by the legal entity, which has a tax audit More..

Ignore spam in WhatsApp


International antivirus company ESET alerts their users of popular WhatsApp messenger about new wave of spam WhatsApp mobile application in April 2015 overcomes the threshold of 800 million active users monthly More..

Defense against crypto Trojans – quick help video!


Dr Web Support Service added new training video about defense against crypto Trojans that turn the users’ data into unreadable files More..