Superfish: what virus is it and how to fix it


Experts of computer security detect new vulnerability tapped as Superfish Practically, every computer in Internet might be subject to this vulnerability More..

Attention, phishing!


Employees of the Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan has discovered phishing mail, which requires a client's personal information (name, card number, CVV2 / CVC2, card expiration date, etc)Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan asks you to ignore this type of message, because the bank never asks for data of this kind by e-mail, social networks, etc More..

Beware of phishing!


Kazkommertsbank’s officers discovered Phishing Scams, which invokes to enter credentials of Homebankkz in the body of email of the following type: This email distribution is fraudulent and responding to it you will compromise your personal data More..

Beware of fraudsters on the Web


Computer Emergency Response Team reports about fraudulent internet-resources, which demand a ransom paid from Internet users The Fraud is done by redirecting the user to the online resources that are blocking browser’s activity (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome for Android , etc More..

94% of Kazakhstani complain on the spam


ESET Company represents the results of poll of Kazakhstan citizensIntrusive unsolicited spam annoys the majority of Kazakhstan citizens – about 94% More..