Google Gives Password Creation Guidelines

Experts from Cisco and Stormpath advice Google make a pressure to exterior Companies in order to improve the defense mechanisms and offer the users more possibilities to create reliable passwords.

Google Company recently have cautioned about usage of too simple passwords. However, some security specialists think, that these measures are not sufficient. Instead they want from Google more active coercion of developers and other companies with an aim to increase the security level of users.

In their notes Google informs that clients should use the different passwords for different services, ensure to make their passwords complicated and avoid opening the information to the strangers. It’s worse to mention about possibility of password recovery in case if you suddenly forget it.

However, according to Alex Salazar, the CEO of Stormpath Service, these guidelines are good only for beginners who just start diving through the Internet. Mary Landesmen from Cisco agrees with him. She stated that it’s necessary to enhance the users’ attention towards the information security issues within the network. But, according to her, the problem is rather in the number of breached web-sites and their weak defense than in password reliability.

Hence the experts suggest the developers to improve the password exploitation system. Particularly, it might be allowed the clients to use the passwords with spaces (this recommendation also given by Google). That’s exactly why, the experts suggest the Google to force the consumers the active deployment of more improved defense mechanisms. Of course, this strategy realization requires additional funds, however, this is the price of user data security.