Superfish: what virus is it and how to fix it

Experts of computer security detect new vulnerability tapped as Superfish. Practically, every computer in Internet might be subject to this vulnerability. The special attention should be given to Lenovo devices containing, as became known, this exposure within the package of preinstalled software.

Superfish is a special software aimed to show ads within your browser or mail client. However, the main issue lies not even in program, which existence obviously is disagreeable.

Superfish code contains dangerous vulnerability allowing attacker to intercept decrypted traffic and get the control under your PC.

The fact, that Lenovo installs this software into their PCs sold in the period from fall till winter 2014, looks totally disgusting. Besides, Superfish has its own distribution channels. Hence, any computer might be subject to infection.

In order to check your computer and remove Superfish you need

1. Detect Superfish by opening the special test page within Internet Explorer or Chrome browser. You also have another option to use this test from LastPass.

2. If you detect malware, you need to remove it. For this, open Windows Control Panel, and then go to Install and Delete Programs tab.

3. Find Superfish Inc VisualDiscovery String, right click and choose Delete from context menu.

4. After that you need to remove corresponding certificates from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Maxthon browsers. In order to do this, enter within search bar word - Сertificate. Find and choose utility – Manage Computer Certificates in search results.

5. The Manager of Computer Certificates windows appears. Choose the branch Trusted Root Certification Authorities on the left side of the window. You will see its content on the right side. Choose all items containing word Superfish, and remove them by pressing the button on the toolbar or command of context menu.

6. Reboot PC.

If these steps seems too complicated, you might use the Lenovo utility for automatic remove the malware from your computer. In order to do this you need first download the program and launch the exe file. The utility check your system for existence of virus and do the necessary steps to remove it.