Winners of Competition “Information Technologies, Information Security and Radio Engineering” Will Work in the RSE «State Technical Service»

The results of the student’s competition organized by “State Technical Service” together with Karaganda State Technical University are announced.

3-d and 4-th year undergraduates and graduate students of leading Higher Education Institutions of Kazakhstan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan took part in the International Competition. The organizing committee of the event included leading experts of the RSE "State Technical Service ", and the faculty of KARGTU.

Let's remind you, that intellectual competition was held in two directions: "Information Technologies and Information Security" and "Radio Engineering and Telecommunications". The first stage – Internet tour took place from April 1 to April 8. The second stage – intramural tour in "IT and Information Security" direction occurred on April 25; and in "Radio Engineering and Telecommunications" direction occurred on May 2.

According to the results of competition the winners in the section "Information Technologies and Information Security" are:

1-st place – Koishybaev, Ramazan Hairulaevich (KarGTU, Karaganda)

2-nd place – Uvaliev, Yernar Kazbekovich (KatGTU, Karaganda)

3-d place – Kosymbaev, Alibek Bahytovich (International ІТ-university, Almaty).

The winners in the section "Radio Engineering and Telecommunications" are:

1-st place – Karmenova, Dina Esataikyzy (International ІТ-university, Almaty)

2-nd place – Torehan, Sypatay Maratuly (International ІТ-university, Almaty)

3-d place- Myrzakerimov, Nursultan Dosmuhanbetuly (International ІТ-university, Almaty)

On solemn closing of competition the winners awarded with diplomas of 1-st, 2-nd, 3-d degrees and valuable prizes. Besides, the winners of the competitions will get an opportunity to be employed in RSE "State Technical Service".