World DNS Server Update

According to information experts from the world in the field of information security, an upcoming period of “global update”, scheduled for February 1, 2019, is reported. The largest DNS providers in the world are planning to make changes to the software responsible for the operation of DNS - Bind, Knot Resolver, PowerDNS and Unbound.

For most companies, the update will go unnoticed, as many DNS providers are already updating or updating their software to the required versions. Difficulties may arise for those companies that independently maintain their own DNS servers, traffic from old and not updated servers will be considered as illegitimate and such servers will not be serviced, which can result in the inaccessibility of domains that are located on these servers.

You can check the prospects for accessing your domain name in February 2019 through the internet resource, where you can get all the necessary instructions for updating the software and links to various utilities for administrators who allow you to scan the DNS infrastructure in search of weak spots.

In order to avoid unavailability of Internet resources, a software update is recommended to ensure the operation of DNS servers.

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