Password Checkup service will verify credential reliability

February 5, Google introduced a new service called Password Checkup, designed to warn users when using combinations of usernames and passwords that were previously used on hacked sites.

Password Checkup is a free extension for the Chrome browser that works by automatically comparing the username and password entered on any website with an encrypted database containing over 4 billion compromised credentials. In case of detection of logins and passwords in the list of compromised Password Checkup will offer to change them.

As assured by Google, the service does not pose a threat to the privacy of users - all information is stored in encrypted form and the company does not have access to it. The corporation also noted that all the statistics that the extension transmits are anonymized.

Google also offered security recommendations, including regular software updates, the use of unique passwords for each site, a Google security check, the use of a phone number or email address for password recovery, and the setting of two-factor authentication.