On the Internet resource KZ-CERT is possible to check all the sites

With the development of digital technologies our life has become easier. Now you do not need to write letters and send them by mail, there is no need to stand in line in the accounting for wages and the Internet itself has turned our lives 180 degrees. However, the cheaters also switched to the "figure". Now they do not need to know you personally, to come into contact with you in order to take possession of personal information or your budget.

Just once you click on the link to an unknown web resource and fraudsters can easily take possession of your username and password or make a malicious code that will provide an opportunity to withdraw funds from your Bank account.

On our site you can check web resources for malware and phishing links. Read more: http://www.kz-cert.kz/ru/checking here you need to enter the address of the resource and click on "Check".

If you see the text clean site or unrated site in the right column, it indicates a positive result of the check. If you find another text, you should not go to this resource, because it can damage your computer or wallet. I would like to note that it is often painted in yellow, orange or red to quickly identify threats.

In the event of such incidents, please inform our specialists on free number 1400 (hours) or send your request to: http://www.kz-cert.kz/ru/form