The “KZ-CERT” computer emergency response team reports on the identification of the collection of Kazakhstan people personal data, as well as access to a personal dossier of a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

KZ-CERT Service received an appeal from the Education Department of Nur-Sultan, where it was reported that pages were created on social networks that provide paid services for attaching children to kindergartens. The apprehension was caused by the illegal collection of personal data of Kazakhstan people.

Having monitored the Internet, the KZ-CERT team identified pages on the Instagram network and ads in the OLX online store, which indicated the following information:

“Our page is engaged in a round-the-clock service of monitoring places in kindergartens. We work through the website of the electronic akimat e.astana.kz. This is a public site for any resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan whose children are in the general queue at the preschool institution (preschool institution), etc. The site logs in using the electronic key DS (Digital Signature). All you have to do is choose the garden that suits you and provide a DS key. REMEMBER, everything is carried out within the law. Payment is carried out only after receiving a referral, then all your personal data is safely deleted ”(style and spelling preserved).

I would like to note that in this case the collection of personal data was carried out by persuasion.

“Putting a child in the queue, viewing the queue number, getting directions to kindergarten is carried out by the parent himself completely free of charge on the e.astana.kz portal. Moreover, DS is not required to receive these services. For authorization and further services, it is enough to enter an individual identification number, a parent’s mobile phone number and a one-time verification SMS password. Therefore, the remote filling of these forms by an outsider is considered a violation of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. There is no guarantee that the data and DS keys transmitted by you will not be used for other actions, ”explained Zhazira Asanova, head of the strategy, analysis and digital technologies department of the Education Department of Nur-Sultan.

Recall that by signing an electronic digital signature fraudsters are given the opportunity to obtain public services and personal data of a citizen on the Electronic Government portal. In this regard, the KZ-CERT team and the Education Department of Nur-Sultan urge all parents not to succumb to such statements and to receive the service on their own from the official owner of the e.astana.kz system.

If you find this type of Internet resources, pages on social networks, inform us at 1400 or to the telegram group @kzcert.

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