In Astana the Workshop Devoted to Issues of Information Security Related to Response to Computer Incidents Took Place

No one can doubt against the increasing role of internet security in modern world. Computer technologies are the most useful and progressive tools to work, analyze, collect and save information.

Information technologies substantially change not only economy structure, but also mechanisms of functioning of many public institutes, world economy developments.

Fast development and integration of telecommunication technologies and global computer networks is not only the guarantor of economic stability and competitiveness, but also the manifestation of new sources of danger.

Today fight against violations in global communication networks is on the front burner not only for Kazakhstan, but also for other countries. Every month the number of similar violations grows, and not everyone safe from these encroachments in the future.

Due to that fact the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan in cooperation with Computer Emergency Response Team of the Republican State Enterprise "State Technical Service" on May 24, 2013 in Astana conducted the annual workshop for government bodies devoted to Issues of Information Security Related to Response to Computer Incidents.

The main goal of the workshop was to provide assistance in prevention and remedy approaches of computer incidents and violations in the field of computer and information technologies utilization.

The main scopes of workshop are:

  • Inform the audience about Computer Emergency Response Team and their activity;
  • Increase the level of computer security and informational technologies competences among staff of government bodies and departments of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Chief of the Kazakhstan Computer Emergency Response Team, Zhakupov Zhanat Meyramovich, opened the workshop with his speech where he presented KZ-CERT. Then Head of the Laboratory of Network Security and Training Center "Informzashchita", Lepikhin Vladimir Borisovich (Russia) presented his substantial report about information security.

During the seminar speakers have covered following topics:

  • “Denial of Service” attacks as a one of approaches of network attack realization;
  • The essential features and the types of “Denial of Service”;
  • Distributed version of “Denial of Service” (DDoS).

Classification of DDoS attacks (attacks targeted to channel and attacks targeted to resource):

  • Ways of botnets’ design.
  • Technologies of "zombie networks" management.
  • "Fast-flux" technologies.
  • Usage of P2P, popular services and social media.
  • The main participants of the "shadow" markets, interactions between them.

Ways of the infection:

  • Malware execution via user activities
  • Use of vulnerabilities.
  • The infected systems.
  • Accounts brute-forcing.
  • Typical scenario of infections.
  • Example of drive-by attack.


  • Brief historical note.
  • The channels of data delivery.
  • Role of social engineering.
  • Vectors of attacks.
  • Defense mechanisms.

Attacks toward Web-applications:

  • Classification
  • Attacks targeted to authentication mechanisms.
  • Attacks to clients.
  • SQL - injection.

The workshop participants gave their recommendations and feedbacks concerning the event organization. They marked the necessity and importance of conductance of training workshops devoted to information security in regular manner and also the organization of thematic round tables within such events with a purpose of more detailed discussion of issues of cooperation by taking into account the specifics of each government agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Lepihin V.B. and other experts of Kazakhstan Computer Emergency Response Team answered the audience questions and conducted personal consultations.

In the end of workshop the Certificates of participation in workshop devoted to “Computer Incident Response” were distributed among participants.